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Clipping nails.

Clipping nails is one of the necessary procedures for maintaining health. Very long nails can interfere with movement, which affects dog’s behavior and activity. Long nails can also become inflamed; pass the infection, causing serious discomfort.

How nails grow.

Nails grow throughout life. Dogs, spending a lot of time at home in the hands of the owners, walking on soft carpets and parquet, their nails practically do not grind. As a result, they grow so much that they prevent the pet from walking and running normally. If your dog is scraping the floor when walking, it means it's time to cut the nails! It is desirable to carry out their treatment on a regular basis. Particularly there is a need clipping nails on the so-called side fingers. Nails on side fingers can grow into the skin and cause inflammation. Clipping nails should be done from puppyhood. The pet can quickly get used to this procedure, and then in the future you will not have problems. In addition, regular clipping does not allow the blood vessel inside them to grow too much. This ensures a painless procedure. As the nail grows, a blood vessel also grows. Cutting a dog nail without hitting it becomes problematic. To keep your dog’s nails under control take to them with a set of dog clippers and be sure to use a nail file for a nice smooth finish. If the nails are cut regularly, they will be less prone to bleeding, since the long nails actually allow the blood vessels to grow, and therefore the probability of damage is higher.

Deformed phalanges of the fingers.

These changes begin to occur in the legs if the nails are not shortened sufficiently.

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