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I advise you to take care of matting in fur before they get out of hand!! Why? Here are a few reasons:

1.) Most mats occur around the armpit, behind the ear or thighs and also around the private areas of your pet.

2.) You can't leave mats on pets because mats can cause irritation of the skin leaving it red, inflamed, moist and yeasty.

- Severe mats can pinch at the hair and effect the hair growth of the pet.

- All kinds of infections can form under mats and cause pain to the skin underneath.

3.) Disgusting bacteria can soak into the mat which causes the pet to smell really bad.

- Due to yeast and pus uninvited guest may appear such as insect larvae, and maggots (a young insect with a soft body that grows into a FLY)

- The bugs feeding off the decaying skin of the pet can cause an infection and if the infection gets into the bloodstream it can be fatal.

4.) Mats cause severe pain to the pet as it pulls and tightens up around the tail and limbs. •

- Mats can be really uncomfortable so your pet barely gets to feel at ease. - The situation gets worse when your pet starts to lick and bite at the areas because it dampens the mat and allows filthy matter to absorb and get trapped within the mats.

To prevent mats I advise pet parents to get their pets groomed every 3-4 weeks or to brush out the coat using a slicker brush every other day or so. Your pet will thank you for it!!

I offer you a service – brushing every week after grooming to prevent matting till the next grooming.

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